The Fun and Educational Side in a Basketball

Last day of school – every kid in school is anxious to hear the last dismissal bell of the year. During summer, parents encourage their kids to participate in productive activities like sports. A number of interesting sports camps and clinics are available in summer time. Molding a kid in sports in an early age could contribute to his or her maturity. Basketball is one of the sought after sport for kids during summer. Former and current basketball players design camps and clinics especially for kids, this clinics are not to be taken lightly. Some of the famous basketball players nowadays started their careers in these camps.

Basketball is a fun sport. It could also be the kid’s ticket for education and perhaps stardom. Let us enumerate the positive characteristics the sport of basketball could contribute to kids.

• Teaches kids the meaning teamwork. Five players working as one finding ways to score in basketball and at the same time stopping the opposition from scoring in their hoop.

• Basketball emphasizes the importance of hard work. Learning how to dribble and shoot the ball requires a ton of effort. Camp coaches and trainers are there to monitor the progress of the kids. To them nothing beats the feeling of passing their basketball knowledge to kids.

• Camaraderie as a team sport. This is very important; making new friends is one of the objectives of basketball camps. Friendship not only inside the court, but outside the court as well.

• The camp coaches do not only teach the game of basketball in these camps, they also teach the importance of education. As mentioned, basketball is a potential ticket to college education; college educations don’t come cheap these days. Another possibility is that the kid might be a future basketball star, and mind you, these things actually happen.

• Keeping kids off from the street, away from drugs and gang life. People are judged by the company they keep. This quote is a reminder for all of us to choose our friends wisely. Living in the streets could expose the kid to the life of crime, and any activities that could ruin his or her future.

Basketball camp is not only about serious stuff. We go to the fun side. all the kids love this part of the camp.

The Game of Horse

You think playing basketball is fun, well, try playing the horse version of the game. Horse is a skill game; starts with a player shooting the ball successfully from anywhere on the court in an unlikely manner. The next contestant must match his or her performance. For instance, the first player misses the shot, and the second player would have the right to choose the manner and the style of the attempt. Every miss shot has a corresponding letter, the first player to spell the word horse losses the game.

The Knockout Version

Shooting is the name of this game; the objective is to make each attempt possible before the person behind beats you. Each contestant is positioned at the top of the key three point line. A participant who made the shot must pass the ball to next player for his or her attempt; played continuously until one player is left standing.

The Magic Number of Twenty One

This is somewhat similar to the game of basketball but in this version, you have no teammate. The rules are simple. You must make a basket while depended by a lot of players. Once a player makes a basket he or she is awarded three free throws. If the player misses the free throw, any player can rebound the ball and attempt a shot of his or her own. The process will continue until a player reaches the score of twenty one.