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How to Get a Second Bachelor’s Degree

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, then you might be considering what to do next. Many people choose to go into the work force. However, depending on what you want to do with your career, you might need a different set of skills and knowledge. Therefore, it could be a good idea for you to go back to school for a second bachelor’s degree. There are a few things to consider when getting a second bachelor’s degree.

Choose Your Major

It is very important to choose the correct degree of study when going back to school for an additional bachelor’s degree. This is based upon what you are looking to do afterwards career wise. If you already have a bachelor’s degree in one subject, it might be smart to get a degree that complements the prior one. However, if you have decided that you no longer would like to go in the direction of your first degree, you can choose a completely different program more suited to your career aspirations.

Find a School

You might consider going back to the same school that you received your original degree at. This will provide you with a since of familiarity. However, it can be hard to find a school when getting a second bachelor’s degree simply because some institutions are limited on how many students of this kind they are allowed to admit each year. Therefore, it is imperative to research your choices in order to make sure they are feasible before applying.


After choosing your degree and finding the school that you would like to attend, you will then need to apply. Since this is a second bachelor’s degree, you may have to fill out an application specifically for second bachelor’s degree students. You will also have to pay any fees that are due for the application as well. If you do decide to go back to the same school, you may simply have to apply for readmission.

Once this is done, you will be able to complete your dream of attaining a second bachelor’s degree. This can help you to achieve any goals that you might have for the future, whether you are looking to land a top job upon graduation or start your own business. You can click on this link to for more information.

3 Customer Service Blunders for Small Business Owners to Avoid

You’d be hard-pressed to find a small business that doesn’t depend on loyal clients for its livelihood. It’s no exaggeration to say that clients are the backbone of any successful enterprise. That being the case, it behooves all small business owners to put their best foot forward with regard to customer service. Unfortunately, a surprising number of entrepreneurs are sorely lacking in the client fulfillment department. In the interest of maintaining good professional relationships with your clients, take care to avoid the following blunders.

1. Not Responding in a Timely Manner

Certain small business owners have an unfortunate habit of putting client communications on the backburner. In addition to ignoring emails from clients they don’t feel like dealing with, these individuals will often actively dodge phone calls. Even if you have your hands full with other projects, no one is well-served by such a lack of communication. You may get out of an uncomfortable exchange in the short term, but in the long run, this can negatively impact your business in a number of ways. For starters, a client you ignore is less likely to give you work in the future. If you adopt this approach with enough clients, your patron roster will soon look very empty. Aspiring business owners looking for tips on maintaining professional relationships should check out the comprehensive MBA programs offered by

2. Refusing to Take Responsibility

As the time-tested adage proclaims, “The customer is always right.” If a client takes issue with work your business has completed, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you hear him or her out and avoid getting overly defensive. It’s important to remember that no business is beyond reproach – and it’s entirely possible that someone on your team made a mistake and/or failed to properly understand a client’s instructions.

3. Lack of Politeness

Although treating clients with the utmost respect may strike you as a no-brainer, you’d be surprised to learn how many small business owners don’t do it. Once a business has had time to establish itself and build up a sizable client base, it’s all-too-easy for some entrepreneurs to forget their humble beginnings and begin taking clients for granted. Even if politeness doesn’t come naturally to you, make a conscious effort to exude courtesy every time you speak and/or meet with a client, be they current or prospective.

No small business can afford to take customer relations lightly. Without a steady stream of loyal clients, no enterprise would be able to make ends meet. To keep your clients coming back, remember to be prompt in responding to their correspondences, take responsibility for any mistakes your team makes and exercise common courtesy when dealing with them directly.

Fun Games For Kids

Since the kids’ brains are still fresh, they are able to keep in mind the impressions they accumulate from their environment well. This is the reason why it is important to provide fun games for kids to allow them to gain knowledge of a lot during the early childhood.

Fun games for kids will not only serve as a way to teach your children significant standards and talents, furthermore; it serves as attaching and getting along activities for you and your children. By playing usual fun games for kids, parents would be able to spend more time with their children and their connection would become stronger.

The good thing about having fun games for kids is you never have to force your children to learn. All you have to do is keep the fun games for kids all the time and they will be always willing to participate.

Kids love to play and games play a most important part of their days. Fun games for kids can be a challenge. Not all the fun games have benefits for children. New games coming out all the time, nevertheless sometimes the classics are still the best.

They would not even know that they are learning; since they are having a lot of fun. In their minds, it is just a pastime but as the game goes on and on, they are actually learning something.

One of the greatest ways to provide fun games for kids is to engage them in role-playing. Throughout role playing you would be able to explain them how to follow their duties and educate them.

Kids gain knowledge of by mimicking. As you keep showing a behavior to them, they will probably display it, as well in the future; no need to mention the call for learning of communication.

Be imaginative in creating new games and make them amusing.

Jane Reynolds is an authority educator in the areas of Education. She is also a mother and a writer who wrote few learning games articles for children. In the website of [] you will find a new refreshing way of looking towards education and fun process.

For more information to help parents find time-saving tips and parenting strategies to help children learn at home, succeed in school, and grow up healthy, visit our site and find out more recommendations for child learning games activities.

The Best Educational Toys For Kids

What are the best educational toys for kids? Well, first of all I think they should be toys that your child enjoys playing with. If they don’t enjoy playing with the toy they won’t play with it and therefore won’t learn from it. The toys should also teach common everyday life lessons, things that are going to be useful to your child in their early years. Things like the alphabet and numbers are lesson they will need early on.

The thing about kids is that they are very inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. If they can get that knowledge in a fun way it will stick with them for a long time. That is what shows like Sesame Street does so well and way it is so successful. Toys that educate should follow that same rule and they will be more beneficial for your child. Think of it like this, toys that educate combine two things that kids love, playing with toys and satisfying their hunger to learn. So lets take a look at some of the best educational toys for kids.

One toy that has a fun way of teaching the alphabet and numbers to your toddler is the “Learning Home” from Fisher Price. This is a playhouse your child can craw through that plays traditional sing-a-long songs your child will love to sing and learn from. Another one of those great learning toys for toddlers is the “Learning Table” from LeapFrog. This toy also teaches the alphabet and counting, but it also teaches kids about colors and shapes. These are all things kids should know about.

Melissa and Doug’s Deluxe Standing Easel will give your child a taste for art while at the same time keeping your walls and floors from becoming all market up with crayons and markers. This toy will expose your little ones to different art mediums in their on little area. Just imagine your little tykes doing their finger painting on their own little pad instead of your walls.

There are a lot of educational toys out there, but these are a few of the best educational toys for kids. You should always make sure that the toys you get your child are safe for them whether it’s educational or not. Don’t underestimate the power of toys that educate. Learning toys can give your child a head start on their education and give them skills that they will need in life.

The Fun and Educational Side in a Basketball

Last day of school – every kid in school is anxious to hear the last dismissal bell of the year. During summer, parents encourage their kids to participate in productive activities like sports. A number of interesting sports camps and clinics are available in summer time. Molding a kid in sports in an early age could contribute to his or her maturity. Basketball is one of the sought after sport for kids during summer. Former and current basketball players design camps and clinics especially for kids, this clinics are not to be taken lightly. Some of the famous basketball players nowadays started their careers in these camps.

Basketball is a fun sport. It could also be the kid’s ticket for education and perhaps stardom. Let us enumerate the positive characteristics the sport of basketball could contribute to kids.

• Teaches kids the meaning teamwork. Five players working as one finding ways to score in basketball and at the same time stopping the opposition from scoring in their hoop.

• Basketball emphasizes the importance of hard work. Learning how to dribble and shoot the ball requires a ton of effort. Camp coaches and trainers are there to monitor the progress of the kids. To them nothing beats the feeling of passing their basketball knowledge to kids.

• Camaraderie as a team sport. This is very important; making new friends is one of the objectives of basketball camps. Friendship not only inside the court, but outside the court as well.

• The camp coaches do not only teach the game of basketball in these camps, they also teach the importance of education. As mentioned, basketball is a potential ticket to college education; college educations don’t come cheap these days. Another possibility is that the kid might be a future basketball star, and mind you, these things actually happen.

• Keeping kids off from the street, away from drugs and gang life. People are judged by the company they keep. This quote is a reminder for all of us to choose our friends wisely. Living in the streets could expose the kid to the life of crime, and any activities that could ruin his or her future.

Basketball camp is not only about serious stuff. We go to the fun side. all the kids love this part of the camp.

The Game of Horse

You think playing basketball is fun, well, try playing the horse version of the game. Horse is a skill game; starts with a player shooting the ball successfully from anywhere on the court in an unlikely manner. The next contestant must match his or her performance. For instance, the first player misses the shot, and the second player would have the right to choose the manner and the style of the attempt. Every miss shot has a corresponding letter, the first player to spell the word horse losses the game.

The Knockout Version

Shooting is the name of this game; the objective is to make each attempt possible before the person behind beats you. Each contestant is positioned at the top of the key three point line. A participant who made the shot must pass the ball to next player for his or her attempt; played continuously until one player is left standing.

The Magic Number of Twenty One

This is somewhat similar to the game of basketball but in this version, you have no teammate. The rules are simple. You must make a basket while depended by a lot of players. Once a player makes a basket he or she is awarded three free throws. If the player misses the free throw, any player can rebound the ball and attempt a shot of his or her own. The process will continue until a player reaches the score of twenty one.

Educational Computer Games for Kids

Learning should be fun for kids of all ages, which is why choosing proper educational computer games for kids is a good choice for any child. Whether you have a preschooler, kindergartner or child in elementary school, there are a variety of games kids can play online that can enhance what they learn in the classroom on a daily basis. Not every child learns the same way, which is why providing enhancements at home can help your child thrive both in and out of school. It is the perfect way to take the pressure off your child and allow him to learn in a fun, engaging way.

Children in preschool are just starting to grasp the basic concepts of numbers, letters and colors. Learning in the classroom can make any child feel overwhelmed, especially if the concepts don’t come easily to them. Whether you want to prepare your child before he enters preschool or you want to provide extra help during the school year, educational computer games for kids make it easy to provide the extra support he may need.

In kindergarten, the concepts are more complex. Children begin to learn about ordinal numbers, skip counting, vowels, compound words and even science concepts, such as life cycles and the weather. There is a lot of information and new learning experiences children ages five to six are expected to take in. Rather than cramming your child full of this information at school and expecting him to remember it, you can supplement with online games that reinforce the concepts and even make learning fun.

Elementary School
The older kids get, the more difficult the subjects in school become. By second grade, concepts, such as fractions, multiplication and division, are introduced. If your child hasn’t fully grasped the basic concepts yet, it can be overwhelming for them. Rather than make them feel uncomfortable, you can provide learning at their own pace in the comfort of their own home with educational computer games for kids.

When you are searching for the right games for your kids, take into consideration their learning abilities and subjects with which they need help. There are a variety of subjects and types of games kids can play at their own pace, making it possible to enhance their learning. Educational computer games for kids make it possible to help students without making them feel pressured or overwhelmed, all while having fun.

Choosing the Right Technology for Kids

Today, we live in a digital world that’s supported majorly with technology and while technology has changed our world, it also plays an important role in our child’s developmental milestones. Thanks to the latest trends in the field of educational based technology, kids are now getting up close and personal with technology daily, at homes and at school.

But is there really a need to of making technology available only at a particular age? Not really, as technology also plays a very positive and vital role while a child is growing. Today with an introduction of smartphones and other mobile devices like tablet PCs and tablets, we have quicker and comfortable access to the internet at any time and any place. This makes it a must have for kids too, as they help promote and share knowledge and information that’s related to child’s day to day activities along with school based education.

What to buy?

There’s a whole wide range of electronic toys and devices available in the market, that are great portable devices to teach your little ones. But deciding what to buy is difficult at times. But we as parents have a fair idea on what might suit our child and what products may excite him to learn. Remember, each child develops differently and would have their own learning milestones. So don’t push too hard and do keep in mind the following guidelines while buying these products:

Pre-Nursery: 0-3 Years

It’s an ideal age to introduce them to a variety of sounds and lots of colorful stuff. Look for products that feature sounds, are good to touch and feel and most importantly are ‘play friendly’ in terms of safety measures.

You can buy a stuffed toy that makes a sound, music rattles to make him giggle, something that lights up like a room monitor that glows and pick up books that have bright pictures and sounds too. All these would help a child learn the ’cause and effect’ and learn via touch and feel. These will keep the child occupied for a little longer and will open a world of possibilities too.

Prep 2-5 years

At this age, a child needs to hear interesting sounds, see lots of movement around and touch and feel the stuff. This is indeed the most inquisitive age for our little explorers, so be very cautious on what you are gifting them. Encourage them to play with action figures that make sounds and are movable, interactive story books, electronic playsets and talking animals make creative buys.

To increase their learning, gradually introduce them to your smartphone that has a wide range of easily downloadable kid’s applications for listening to rhymes or learning numbers, learning shapes & colors. Read them stories that are interesting and show them the moving images to keep them enthralled and entertained. Try creating learning with a theme, so that kids learn faster. Visit a Zoo and ask them to identify the animals!

+5 and above:

Once the kids are 5, it’s different to keep a track on what technology they are getting exposed to. At this age, they’ll no longer be interested to play with electronic toys or e-readers and would in time, reach out to the internet and play video games or other handheld games that have enhanced features like 3-dimensional effects.

So try to introduce them to a leap frog or similar educational electronics and let them choose what they need to explore. Make sure they are involved in physical activities too.

Screen time too needs to be fixed, as the bright images of the computer screen can affect their sensitive eyes. Don’t let them get into a habit of only sitting on the computer. Change your passwords regularly. Offer kids other interesting things to indulge in. Reward or surprise them with gifts.

Please make sure to be around the child whenever they are on the laptop and keep a track what they are watching or reading. Let them keep experimenting independently with new things. Help them search for educational websites and other interactive games. Kids can also read and learn about science experiments and increase their knowledge bank.

While the technology is a boon, remember it is crucial for a kid to keep active in an environment where he is physically active. So opt for outdoor activities and let them explore the natural space. Do praise them in all that they do and inculcate their interest in technology and keep them exploring this amazing world.

Educational Games for Kids

Are you looking for educational games for kids and the rest of the family? There are many board games and card games that are geared toward family fun and are educational at the same time. All you have to do is conduct a Google search or a search on one of the other search engines and you will find a host of educational games for kids and the rest of the family at reasonable prices.

Who said that learning couldn’t be fun? Here are some suggestions of games that may be appealing for your kids as well as the whole family:

1.Game of Knowledge – This game uses knowledge from everyday life so that you can match wits with your family and friends. There are 1500 questions covering six different subjects that can be answered just by thinking about things that you already know. There are two sets of questions so that kids and grown-up can compete equally. This is just one of the educational games for kids and the rest of the family.

2.Tri*Words Game – Are you able to think fast under pressure? This is a very addictive word-making game and is perfect for trips to the beach, vacations or just having a family night at home. It’s very easy to play and has everything needed for a family that is on the go and wants to be entertained. You have to make as many words as you can from your color coded tiles.

3.Flinch – This game was first introduced in 1905. It has now come back and is better than ever! In order to win, you must get rid of a total of ten cards that you have in your Stockpile. This is accomplished by playing them in a numerical sequence. Along with Flinch, come rule for five variations of the game. This is truly a beloved card game classic that your family will enjoy playing.

4.Word Rummy Card Game – In this educational game for kids and the rest of the family, words are created by using the letter cards that a person holds in his or her hand. Points are earned for longer words and for using certain letters of the alphabet. However, you have to be careful because your opponent may steal your word by making a new word. Take turns until the draw pile is all gone. Tally up the points, and the winner is the one with the most!

5.Get Hooked – This is a fresh water fishing game that is fun for all ages. Fishermen who are just beginners will learn where and how to catch a lunker fish. Veteran fishermen will try to outwit their opponents in order to get the big trophy fish and thus claim the tournament crown.

6.Veggieheads – This is a fun and creative way for both kids and parents alike to reinforce once again the health hazards of drugs, alcohol and smoking. You will also learn about the human body and how processed and fast foods affect the body in a different way than healthy foods do. Tips are given as to how everyone can develop a healthy lifestyle, practical information about vitamins is given and more.

7.Equate – This is a great math board game for both the family as well as the classroom. Everyone can have fun by creating equations crossword style. One can earn a higher score by using fraction or division tiles or by landing on premium board positions. This is one of the many educational games for kids and the rest of the family that is rich in algebraic logic and that is very adaptable.

8.Name That State Game – This is an exciting geography game that takes you all over the United States. You can learn about capitals, states and landmarks as you make your way around the country. This game contains informative and entertaining postcards from all fifty states.

9.Mummy Rummy – This is a card game that is not like any other. Players sift and dig searching for cards that will complete pictures of treasures of ancient Egypt. There are certain cards that have special power to transform some of the pictures. This is a very exciting game!

10.Bird Watching, Trivia Game – One of the fastest growing hobbies in North America is bird watching. This is the ultimate trivia game for birders who want to test their knowledge about North American birds. Some of the topics that are covered include habitats, field marks, mannerisms, nomenclature, diets and more. There are over 2,000 questions encompassing three levels of difficulty.

A Guide to Educational Games Online

Today, computer becomes very popular around the world. You can use your computer for many purposes such as online banking, email and chatting, online forum, work at home or just having fun and cruise the cyberspace.

Undoubtedly computer with internet access is wonderful place to get a lot of information you want and discover new things. One of much information you can get from the internet is educational games online for kids.

Mothers who have children in early years always try to find a fun way teaching online learning games for their kids. Teaching games for kids are great ways to help them learn a specific subject. By doing this, you also help the teachers or school for their education needs.

Internet or cyberspace is a place with endless limit for everyone to find their interest. This is also happening to our kids. With your guidance, you and the kids can surf the internet and find some interesting games. Just go to your favorite search engine and type a keyword or two and you’ll be amaze there are many options you and the kids can choose from. It’s available from free games and paid games. It’s up to you and your discretion to pick one option over another.

The best thing while you are playing games online for kid is you don’t need going anywhere instead you can play in your convenience home.

This educational game is great alternative for the kids to avoid violent in video games. These educational games contain no violence and bad language so it fit for young children to play.

In this information technology era, you can get your educational games online mostly are free. Thanks to the technology. That’s why, there is no reason we as a parent not helping our children benefit from these excellence learning method.

How to Find Educational and Fun Games

When it comes to games for kids, we all want what best for our kids. However, we do not always know what that means. I want something that is educational and my kids want something that is fun. Does that mean we can’t get the same thing? Absolutely not! There are games that are both educational and fun.

Throw Tradition out the Window

As a teacher, I have to get rid of my traditional views of education. Education does not have to be boring. Kids can learn from singing and dancing just as much if not better than they can learn from flash cards and rote memory. The key to educational games is age and developmentally appropriate. Guitar Hero is actually an educational game for those kids who need to learn the music scale and it is required in many states as part of fine arts. Not to mention, if you buy some of the classic song you have culturally appropriate learning too!

Focus on Skills

Sure you won’t find a game that will teach you advanced chemistry but you can find an iPod app that will teach you different cooking recipes. If cooking isn’t your thing maybe you can find an app for crocheting or knitting. There are plenty of applications that can help you learn a variety of different skills. All you need to do is decide what you want to learn and then go online and search for it.

Make it more fun with a Timed Challenge

When you are looking for fun educational games, look for those with a time limit. Your average boring game adds a bit more excitement when there is a time limit. Adding is old hat but when you have to beat the clock, your adrenaline gets pumping and the game suddenly becomes more exciting. The same goes for a racing challenge. If you can find someone to race or a score to beat, then the game takes on completely new meaning. Otherwise, the game becomes boring drills you can do at home.

Keep it Simple

The most important part to teaching your child anything is keeping it simple. Math really is everywhere. It is harder to find a game that isn’t educational than it is to find a game that is educational. Granted there are games more educational than others. However, as parents and teachers, we need to meet our children and students where they are and gradually lead them to the more educational side to living.

Do the educational games for kids have to be dull and boring? I don’t think so and I certainly hope not! I do not want to live in a boring world and I do not want my kids to either.